Best & Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe -

Sugar Cookie: Classic Recipe

Best & Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe

Good morning Thangs! Nowadays, we are here with our Best & Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe. The chewy biscuit/cookies may be a baking staple everybody should have in their back pocket. This sugar biscuit instruction has been in my family for ages although I’ve tweaked it over the years to urge it well. It’s the right chewy, delicious, buttery biscuit recipe…need I am going on? The simplest half concerning these cookies are however straightforward there. If you’re feeling lazy you’ll be able to simply sprinkle your shapes with colored sugar and decision it every day. If you’re creating these cookies for a special day, ready royal icing and embellish it! The particular dough comes along in minutes, which implies you’ll be able to spend longer decorating these cutout sugar cookies. Here, mentioned the recipe of these cookies must follow the provided steps.

Best & Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe
Best & Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe

Yummy Sugar Cookie

A sugar cookie may be a biscuit with main elements like butter, vanilla, sugar, flour, eggs, & either baking powder/soda (depends on the kind of sugar utilized). These cookies could also be created by hand or rolled & take shapes. They are frequently decorated with icing, sprinkles, additional sugar, or a mixture of these. Decorative shapes & figures are often taking away the rolled-out dough utilizing a kitchen cookie cutter. In North America, sugar biscuits are common throughout the vacations of Christmas, Halloween, & Hanukkah.

Best & Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe
Best & Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe

Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe

These sugar cookies are my favorite one! This recipe makes a straightforward, sugar cookie; the dough is simple to roll & to figure with & doesn’t unfold once baking, thus your cookies can continuously have sharp outlined edges! You’ll be able to enhance these cookies with sanding sugar, otherwise, you will use my recipe below for a straightforward & attractive.

  • Prep Time Duration: 25 Minutes
  • Bake Time: 10 Minutes
  • Ready Time: 1 Hour

Ingredients Required

  • One cup of butter or margarine, soft
  • Granulated sugar one cup
  • One large egg
  • vanilla extract  one teaspoon
  • Three cups all-purpose flour
  • One-fourth tsp salt
  • Glaze
  • One jar coarse sparkling sugar


  • Beat the butter at medium speed with an electrical mixer till its creamy. Step by step pours granulated sugar, beating thoroughly. Pour egg & vanilla, beating thoroughly. Blend flour & salt. Slowly pour butter mixture, beating till mingling. Divide batter in half Cover; chill 1 hour.
  • Roll each & every portion of dough/batter to 1⁄4-inch thickness on a gently floured base. Cut with kitchen cookie cutters. (We used flower & starfish cutters.) put on gently lubricated baking sheets.
  • Cook at 350°F for ten minutes or till the edges of cookies are gently browned in color. Cool down the cookies one minute on cooking sheets, & take away to wire racks to cool down utterly.
  • Dip cookies or biscuits in the Glaze & sprinkle, while wet, with sparkling sugar.

Although these cookies or biscuits are perfect, in my point of view, they may not be in yours. It’s all based on your taste & preferences. If you prefer a chewy biscuit, then must try this cookie recipe at home once. Moreover, please share your valuable comment in the below comment space.

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