Jar Desserts : Drool-Worthy, No-Bake Mason Dessert

Jar Desserts : Drool-Worthy, No-Bake Mason Dessert

Making jar dessert is a super new trend. Almost everyone has tried these recipes in their home due to their simplicity and attractive results. The outcome is so beautiful that choosing a few or one can be hard for you. This is why we thought to make a list of four recipes of them. Let’s get started.

Ten Easy No-Bake Mason Jar Dessert Recipes – Blueberry Pies/Tarts

The best thing about Mason jar is you can decorate it with as many ingredients as you want. So, they look and taste great too!

Jar Desserts : Drool-Worthy, No-Bake Mason Dessert
Jar Desserts: Drool-Worthy, No-Bake Mason Dessert

Start by adding cracker crumbs mixed with butter and sugar. This makes the crust of the tart. For the filling, take cream cheese, powdered sugar, a little vanilla extract, store-bought or home-made lemon curd, apple jelly, fresh blueberries and heavy cream. Then, mix them according to your suitable amount.

Watermelon Cake

Almost everybody prefers a mini jar of happiness, uniquely if it satisfies your sweet tooth. What adds a cherry on the cake is that the recipe is straightforward to make and serve the purpose correctly.

Hence, to prepare this springtime party dessert, you need the following ingredients: almond and vanilla extract, unsalted butter, powdered sugar, food colouring (pink, and green), white cake mixture (two boxes), and some white or dark chocolate chips.

Once you finish preparing the cake mixtures, end the process by adding creamy icing on the top. Decorate the jar with a cute umbrella and a ribbon. You’re good to rock the party.

Banana Split

A clean, healthy and perfect snack can be a banana split. The most natural part in the recipe is you can customize it with any favourite fruits of yours. Just add some chocolate chips or fresh cream at the top, you’re good to enjoy the royal treatment!

To start making this recipe, you need fresh fruits, chocolate sauce, crushed nuts/berries (optional) and whipped cream.

Mud pie

The kid’s favourite jar dessert is here! It is super easy to make and loved by the older ones too.

For the preparation of the mud pie, take a strong cup of chilled coffee, oreo cookies, heavy cream and sugar. Start by mixing the chilled coffee and sugar with two cups of heavy cream in it. Pour the mixture into the Mason jar. Freeze them to serve with oreo cookies or walnut chunks.

Jar Desserts : Drool-Worthy, No-Bake Mason Dessert
Jar Desserts: Drool-Worthy, No-Bake Mason Dessert

The Breakfast Jar Dessert

Yes, you can have desserts in your breakfast without a cheat day. No extra calories, no lousy fat, but only healthy ingredient intake.

The quick and healthy morning recipe needs only a few ingredients: Granola, Greek yoghurt, pecans, nuts and berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries).

Start by adding a few spoons of yoghurt in the Mason jar. Top it with some berries of your choice. Make the layers with full dedication and play with the colours. Repeat them with yoghurt layers in between. Refrigerate if you want to eat them cold.

The recipe is not only healthy but helps you to remain full for a longer time of the day. Also, it can be a great thing to serve your guests or your kids.