Lip-Smacking Potato Chip Clusters


Potatoes are one of the vegetables which are eaten all over the world. It is actually very few of the vegetables that can be converted into anything delicious or tasty. In India, the potato has a special place in the hearts of people. Breakfast time & potatoes always come in demand ultimately. But here we are going to discuss something that will bring water into your mouths. Be it potato chips, it doesn’t make any difference. Potato chips are something that goes into the mouth & makes that crunch sound which is sometimes more satisfying than the taste of the chips. This article of mine will let you know more about the potato chips and moreover the clusters of potato chips.

Lip-Smacking Potato Chip Clusters
Lip-Smacking Potato Chip Clusters

Crispy Potato Chip Clusters

Crunchy potato chips clusters lined in sleek chocolate. The proper combination of sweet, salty & firm. These potato clusters are the right wedding sweet & salty, crunchy. they create a wonderful gift for vacation gift-giving and that they are super simple to create. Youngsters like to facilitate create these no-bake treats. Especially crushing the potato chips! You may create these Chip Clusters with chocolate or bittersweet chocolate however I believe chocolate tastes best. Super creamy & its compliments to the potato chips. If you’re a disciple of sweet & salty treats, you will love these chocolate Potato Clusters. The instruction is super simple too! Soften some chocolate chips at intervals the microwave oven.

Lip-Smacking Potato Chip Clusters
Lip-Smacking Potato Chip Clusters

Recipe Of Potato Chip Clusters

Chocolate Potato Chip Clusters

  • Prep Time: 05 minutes
  • Cook time: 01 minute
  • Ready time: 6 minutes


  • Two cups of milk chocolate chips
  • potato chip pieces Two  cups
  • Instructions
  • Melt the chips within the microwave oven in an exceeding microwave oven safe bowl by beginning with one minute on high. Take the potato chips out & stir. If not whole thawed, come back to the microwave oven in 30-second intervals to soften. ( you’ll also soften them in an exceedingly double saucepan on the stove).
  • Mix within the crisp items and visit TBS onto waxed paper. place in the icebox for concerning half-hour to permit to line up. Store in the icebox.

Chocolate Drops Cluster


  • Butterscotch chips two cups
  • Semisweet chocolate chips two cups
  • Salted peanuts two cups
  • Crushed, rippled potato chips two cups


  • In a microwave glass bowl, soften the butterscotch candy chips & chocolate chips on medium setting for four minutes, stirring often. Take away from the kitchen microwave oven & fold at intervals the peanuts & potato chips.
  • Drop the melted chocolate by the heaping spoon onto the paper. Let sit for an hour or until firm & crisp.

The Potato Chip Clusters go on speedily. The largest quantity of your time is spent looking forward to them to line up. And you’ll speed that up by putting the parchment-lined cookware within the icebox or fridge for concerning twenty minutes. Use your imagination in making elaborations. I created these early and still hadn’t found the room box from the move with all the Christmas things in it. Therefore red & green sprinkles it absolutely was. Either way, the taste, and texture are still the stars!