Low-Calorie Desserts: Picking The Right Kind

Low-Calorie Desserts: Picking The Right Kind

Picking the right kind of desserts is a big factor in keeping us all on our toes. If you are like me, you want to make every single one of your low-calorie desserts as possible while still keeping them tasty and satisfying.

Ice cream is the most obvious example of a dessert that is low in calories, but there are lots of other possibilities for desserts. Some low-calorie desserts are jelly sandwiches, fruit salad, small pieces of pizza, cheese stick sandwiches, cookies, muffins, and even ice cream sandwiches. All of these desserts offer great versatility in the number of calories you can intake on one day.

While some low-calorie desserts are very good, there are still plenty of options out there to fill your taste buds. So what type of desserts are low in calories?

Low-Calorie Desserts: Picking The Right Kind
Low-Calorie Desserts: Picking The Right Kind

Few Low-Calorie Desserts

Dark chocolate – Because dark chocolate is one of the simplest and most natural foods around, it also contains very few calories and has very few carbs. Although the amount of calories in a large bar of dark chocolate is significantly less than those found in a piece of dark chocolate cake, the difference is not nearly as drastic as that between cake and dessert. So you can still have a healthy dessert with this sweet, healthy treat, but still, enjoy the taste.

Coconut milk chocolate – Many people choose to add milk to their chocolate so that it tastes less sour and more indulgent. A good trick to keep this from happening is to add only half of the cup of sugar you would normally use. For a great low-calorie dessert, try using unsweetened shredded coconut instead of the regular, sugar-filled alternative.

Apples – As you might guess, apples are great examples of healthy desserts. The only downside is that they can be quite expensive to purchase in the market, so you may find yourself eating less of them if you look for them online.

Whole grain – As a matter of fact, whole grains have a lot of sugar in them. For instance, oatmeal has a higher percentage of sugar than any other form of oatmeal. So if you are watching your diet, then you probably don’t need oatmeal for breakfast anymore. But then again, you may just want to stay away from breakfast altogether.

Peanut butter – Do you love peanut butter? Most people do, but they know that you can use low sugar substitutes for it. You can also make peanut butter smoothies to save even more time.

Best In Taste Dessert

Chocolate – How much chocolate can you eat? Do you have to throw away everything that you eat after one bite? No, just keep in mind that the amount of sugar that is in your desserts will vary from person to person, so a small amount of chocolate in your desserts is not going to ruin your entire diet.

Low-Calorie Desserts: Picking The Right Kind
Low-Calorie Desserts: Picking The Right Kind

Weight lifting equipment – Lifting weights can help you burn calories faster and can help you gain lean muscle. If you aren’t already doing that, you should start slowly to see how well it works for you before making the leap into the more intense weight training and stronger muscles.

Drinks – If you want to enjoy the decadence of desserts, then why not indulge in something more “delicious.” For example, get some lemonade and drink it in the morning, instead of grabbing a box of cookies. You can also enjoy cheesecake if you want to. But then again, you shouldn’t drink much.

Low-calorie desserts are great ways to lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods. You just need to be smart about how you create them.

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