Simple Mexican Desserts - Mexican Desserts

Simple Mexican Desserts

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When we talk about authentic cuisine, we just focus on their specialized desserts. Though one can find a  lot of Spanish influences on Mexican dishes, yet you will find a decent Mexican specialty that will drive a food lover. Especially if you are fond of drooling on the delicious desserts, you can’t just ignore Mexican desserts. Let’s discuss some simple Mexican desserts which can be tried at home.

Simple Mexican Desserts
Simple Mexican Desserts

Tres Leches Pastel: Mexican Desserts

Tres leches pastel the name suggests usage of three kinds of milk in evaporated, sweetened condensed, and heavy cream. The fluffiness of the cake fulfilled after soaking to the creamy sauce. You can consider it more like a custard when the cake creates a dense richness. Unlike a traditional cake, try to create contrast while serving for a better impact.

Mexican Churros

Churros are similar to doughnuts for their similar technique of preparations, and it is also known as Mexican doughnuts.  The sugar-coated cinnamon sticks are first taken into a pipe format by a star-tip bag, and the preparation is ready to go for frying. You need to fry them until they become golden, and rolling them cinnamon sugar will provide the sweetness it deserves. These sticks are better served with Mexican Chocolate sauce. They call it dulce de leche, in the form of dip, and they are better when served hot.

Mexican Chocolate Sauce: Mexican Desserts

Oh! Just we talked about this. The best dip to be served with churros, doughnuts, or you can use it as a topping for ice cream. This rich and decadent chocolate sauce goes great fresh fruits or other sweet-flavored toppings and going to tickle the taste buds of a sweet lover. It goes way different from traditional chocolate sauces, you know, with the special preparation and the touch of cinnamon. If you are looking for a variety to tease your feelings, you can try some mild sour touch or some chilly powder, or add a little chipotle, to spice it up.

Vegan Mexican Chocolate Cake

Now, how about a piece of Mexican chocolate cake to create a mouth-watering vegan dessert. This fluffy dessert, when gets the touch of cinnamon, and cayenne pepper creates a wonderful Mexican delicacy. Whereas you are using fewer dairy products, it turns to low in cholesterol consumption, to be called healthy. A very good try it can be with some vegan cream on top.

Dessert Nachos

What! Anything? Just because we are discussing Mexican desserts, is it important to push nachos as a dessert item? No seriously, there are some authentic Mexican desserts with nachos. A very popular item as this is super simple homemade. Some cinnamon chips having fresh fruit on top, with icing of creamy cheese and delicious chocolates. Use whipped cream to complete the preparation, and it is ready to serve.

Simple Mexican Desserts
Simple Mexican Desserts

All the dishes mentioned above are very simple to make with available items. A figure liking experience and a lot of delighted faces around are waiting for you. Creamy, caramel-topped desserts were when Spain invaded Mexico in the back 1500s, a lot of addition from Spain has influenced the kitchens of Mexico. So, a lot of cuisines traveled their way to create the beautiful delicacy for years to drool your mind, which includes these non-classic desserts. Try it at home and bring Mexico straight to your kitchen.

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