Strawberry Pretzel Dessert: Tasty and Yummy

Strawberry Pretzel dessert is an amalgamation of the pretzel and strawberries. The goodness of strawberry is world-renowned. If we add in any dessert, the taste enhances. The dessert is always a hit at the parties. It is handy and easy to eat. Usually, people do not want to eat messy snacks. They fear they will soil their clothes. The bright pink colour is very appealing to the guests. It is an irresistible mix of sugar and salt. The mushy cream just melts in your mouth. The dessert teams well if served with salads. The buffet counter looks beautiful and exotic with its presence. The Strawberry Pretzel Dessert is a multi-layer phenomenon that makes it tempting. It requires a lot of overnight chilling and preparation. Thus, it is a pre-planned dish. It cannot be made impromptu. Let us see the recipe of Strawberry Pretzel Dessert 

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert: Tasty and Yummy
Strawberry Pretzel Dessert: Tasty and Yummy


1 cup pretzels crush 

2/4 melted butter 

Four tablespoons sugar 

1 cup whip topping(filling)

10 ounce softened cream cheese(filling)

1/2 cup sugar(filling) 

9-ounce gelatine of strawberry(topping)

3 cups boiling water(topping)

18 ounce thawed and frozen sweet strawberry slices 

In a bowl, mix the whipped topping, cheese cream, and sugar. Mix them till they become smooth. Spread the mixture over the pretzel crust. Put it to chill in a refrigerator. After that prepare the topping of the Strawberry Pretzel Dessert. In a large bowl, dissolve gelatine into water.

Refrigerate for partial chilling. Spoon the filling cautiously. If you are not careful, you may end up ruining the dish. Refrigerate it overnight. You can serve with additional topping for the extra dash of sweetness. You can also add nuts o the crust for the crunch. Instead of using a full spoon, use an offset spatula so that your gelatine doesn’t wander. The cheese cream should be spread all over the crust to cover it completely. In this way, gelatine will stay firmly set in the dish. You can also use fresh cream instead of the whipped topping cream.

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert: Tasty and Yummy
Strawberry Pretzel Dessert: Tasty and Yummy

The Goodness Of Strawberry And Origin Of Pretzel

The bright red fruit with its sweet juicy taste is famous all over the world. It tastes as good as it looks. One can use it in large quantities to make marmalades, juices, and jams. All over the world, it can even use it in many forms. Different cultures use it in their local desserts. It is also artificially used in lip balms, perfumes, and soaps. The colour and aroma of a strawberry can also see it in shower gels and body lotions of leading companies. Pretzels originate from Germany. They come up of dough in a knot like structure. It is salty and one can take them widely as a snack all around. In modern times, people come up with innovative shapes of pretzels. The amalgamation of strawberry and pretzel is a good idea. The salt and sugar formula works.

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