Vegan Desserts Recipe Ideas You Should Explore This Season -

Vegan Desserts Recipe Ideas You Should Explore This Season

Vegan Desserts Recipe

Nowadays, a lot of people practice veganism. Its idea is to keep your body healthy and nature secure. If a person is vegan, he/she will not eat any food derived from animals. Products that are obtained from animals and non-vegetarian food are strictly avoided. That means if you are a vegan, you are not allowed to consume milk or products made from milk, and if you are an Indian, you know that most of the sweets are milk-based. But nobody would want to avoid sweets completely. Listed below are some vegan desserts recipe ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Vegan Desserts Recipe – Vedic Sesame Ladoos

Ladoos are one of the favorite Indian sweets among Indians. Non-vegan Ladoos are made from flour, minced dough, milk, and sugar. But if you are a vegan, you must try these kinds of vegan desserts recipe ideas to give you the same taste as that of your favorite sweet. Vedic sesame Ladoos are made from walnuts, superfood seeds, dates, and spices. They also contain four taste of Ayurveda that is sweet, bitter, astringent, and spicy. As an Indian, sesame seeds hold spiritual values on auspicious occasions and rituals as they have mythological importance.

Vegan Desserts Recipe – Sweet Potato Ras Malai

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Ras Malai is a recipe that consists of milk and milk-derived products mostly. But Ras Malai is one of the best Indian sweets, and no one would want to miss its taste. So if you are into vegan desserts recipe ideas, you must try this one. You can replace the soft dumplings of usual Ras Malai with dumplings of sweet potato, almond meal, tapioca starch, and cardamom. Also, replace the Malai with decadent Malai made from cashews, pistachios, and non-dairy milk. It is not only vegan but also sugar-free.

Vegan Desserts Recipe – Peach Jalebi

This is one of those vegan desserts recipe ideas that you would want to try again and again. This dessert is a delight for people who love Jalebi and peach. Jalebi is a very common sweet made all over India on almost every occasion. It is a funnel cake that is filled with thick and sweet syrup. It is crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside. They are delicious, healthy as well as super easy to make.

If you would like some more tips on keeping it easy and healthy, make sure you add organic items only during preparation. Also, when you make desserts like this, you should make sure the quantity of ingredients you use so that you are able to serve all the people attending your event. We would like to remind you that it might take a few times before you make the best version of this dish.


These were some of the most delicious vegan desserts recipes that you must try. Being vegan does not mean that you should miss any taste. Being vegan is being innovative. You take some typical recipes that consist of animal-derived products and turn them into vegan products by changing some of its ingredients. We always look upon international desserts for vegan desserts, but Indian vegan desserts and sweets are also boundless.

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